Shake Your Cocktails in Style With One of These Cocktail Shakers


If you, like 007, prefer your drinks shaken not stirred, you’re in luck. After extensive testing (by which we mean drinking), we’ve found the sturdiest and most stylish cocktail shakers out there. Here are the ones you need to add to your bar.

Gold Faceted Cocktail Shaker

Best Gold Faceted Cocktail Shaker

The Gold Faceted Cocktail Shaker is both ergonomic and stunning. To be honest, it’s the one we most often keep on the VinePair bar cart in the lobby. This gold-plated beauty holds 30 oz of liquid and will add some shine to your favorite shaken cocktails. Plus, it makes a beautiful gift for your favorite cocktail lover! Even if they already have a cocktail shaker, this one will quickly become their favorite.

Glass Cocktail Shaker

Best Glass Cocktail Shaker

The Glass Cocktail Shaker is one of our standbys, and once you try it, you’ll quickly see why. The glass makes it a delight to watch as you’re shaking up your evening nightcap. It holds 28 oz comfortably and you can keep an eye on each and every ounce as you’re shaking away at it. Plus, it features a built-in strainer, meaning no need for any extra tools.

Watercolor Cocktail Shaker

Best Watercolor Design Cocktail Shaker

Looking for something incredibly stylish? Meet the Watercolor Cocktail Shaker, which is both a treat to use and to look at. It features a lovely floral pattern and is topped with gold plated 304 stainless steel. It includes a built-in strainer and jigger cap and comfortably holds 16 oz. Your Daiquiris, Cosmos, and Mai Tais have never been made with more flair!

Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

Best Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

For more of a Bond villain vibe, meet the Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker, with a sleek polished gunmetal black finish. Crafted from trusty 304 stainless steel and holding 25 ounces, this is the one to mix up gimlets, Palomas, and more. Let’s be real, this is a very sexy shaker and it deserves a spot on your bar.

Leather Cocktail Shaker

Best Leather Cocktail Shaker

More into leather? Here’s the shaker for you. The genuine leather wrapped around the stainless steel cocktail shaker makes an impression as you’re using it, plus looks great on your bar. Plus, the removable top includes a strainer and a citrus reamer. For serious John Wayne vibes, go for the Leather Cocktail Shaker.