Toasted Toad Cellars is founded on incredible passion and a certain dose of insanity. We are a small, but serious, winery bringing to you, your family and friends an arsenal of wines to help create incredible memories. Our mantra is FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD AND FUN. Our wines pair equally well with anything from tuxedo and little black dress events to picnics and hot tub parties.

We started over 20 years ago with Jeff (dad) buying grapes at a fundraiser and taking the kids (Laura and Brian) to pick them with some friends. The result was a barrel of very drinkable Zinfandel. Now, we are in our fifth season as a commercial winery and already thinking about our sixth. Laura (daughter) leads the winemaking efforts, having completed Wine and Viticulture studies at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Our Cellar Toad, Brian (son), is currently living in Chicago and his help is greatly missed. Sometimes you will see Debbie (Laura and Brian’s mom) and her husband Chris when they come to help out with events or bottling. We even get Debi (Jeff’s sister) to come out and lend a helping hand. Last, and by no means least, is a group of incredibly special and supportive friends.

And what is our goal? We are dedicated to making the best wines we can, using the best grapes, introducing you to new varietals and styles, staying affordable and putting a smile on your face. Each bottle of Toasted Toad Cellars wine brings you a glimpse of the creativity, personalities and passion of the father and daughter team that works tirelessly to bring you handcrafted small lots of common and uncommon varietals. If you have joined us in the tasting room we hope that each glass releases great memories of your experience. In the end it is is not what the bottle says on the outside, but the palate pleasing journey held within.

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